A story of a year

Celebrating 1 year Blogiversary

As you see it’s the time of the year again and I’m very proud to say this that I completed a year here. Currently It’s a winter wonderland here and make your choice of colourful lights and freezy snow..

So I started all these stuff a year back with loveable year of 2018 in mid January to speak my heart out that carry my silly words. I didn’t done anything special here, but I just learned things from all you…like I usually sucks in English but my learning never end by seeing all you.

From this loveable Globe I got one of the most amazing bloggers who all became my dearest friend but currently I see some of the accounts that are closed now, I tried to remember things and used to miss those closed accounts.. I’m just eagerly waiting to see all of them and read there stories cause I miss each one of them..

Every picture has there own story, but my story is telling that I admire to all these.

I still remember last year from January to march there was only one person who used to follow my account and the follower was me only.. I loose all hope but still tried to publish article and write things but I failed everytime.. But :-

β€’ The Godly Chic Diaries

She was my 1st follower of my blogs and she used to read my articles and push me up from that hard time I survived and tried somehow that you all mates can love things in my poetries

β€’ The Rendezvous Club -Adithya

She told me and I came to know that my site has some problem, that’s the only reason I can’t reach to another communities and for low figures. Later on I sorted all these links

I’m always be thankful to these guys and most importantly to all you for helping me and finding a good writer (Occasionally) in me. Thankyou so much for your feedback and beautiful comments. Your constant support and love is all I need. Keep lovin’

Completing a year here is an amazing feeling . thinking, writing, reading, sharing, and poetries is all we need here to share our thoughts that’s match our lovely heart with our beautiful face of mind creation. Thankyou so much for a year many more to come..

Always love



Love and Regards



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