A new day
A new life
Parting with the old
But never parting
Holding on to golden moments
Like a bee sleeping
In the palm of your hand
Looking toward newly made memories
In a Tiffany setting
Made of silver and platinum
Crafted by the deft
Hand of fate
Intertwining two lives
Like Rococo filigree
And sent off
To find their destiny
Amid the chaos
Of emotions
That can only be resolved
As one


      1. No probs and if I havent been visiting your blog as much recently, it’s because a lot of blog posts are not appearing on my feed, including yours. I only found this out recently, so I have to visit each site one by one to read them and there’s probably about 25. Argh, WordPress. But yes I love your work❀

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      2. Thanks a lot for reading out πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸŒΈ You don’t have to visit regularly, when you’ve time you can check out.. Yes I can understand going to each and every site regularly πŸ™„

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      3. Just a drop a mail regarding your issue onWordPress, I believe it will workπŸ‘ or you might be following many Blogs so our feed are not reflecting on top.. Happens sometime

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