The Voice

It’s persistent, the voice in my head
The voice that tells me I’m no good
I may have kept it at bay for a while
But now that I’m tired and stressed
Now that I feel like I’ve lost control of my life
It’s back

I am not a good person
Not a good coach
Not a good friend
Not a good employee
Not a good son
Not a good writer

These are the words it wants me to believe
These are the feelings it evokes
These are what will ruin my day
If I pretend they aren’t there

The power is in the secrecy
If only I would keep these words hidden
Don’t let anyone know
The secret is the oxygen that fuels the fires
Of self doubt
The voice wants me to suffer alone
“No one can know” it tells me
“They won’t understand” it bellows
But these are lies

All have days like this
All have weeks and months
Littered with doubt and stress and fear
The truth is that we are not alone
Not in any of it
Those lies lose their power
In the presence of that truth

Share your fears
Acknowledge that they exist
Identify them by name
And you will learn that your mind
Plays sick jokes

I am a good person
I am a good coach
I am a good friend
I am a good employee
I am a good son
I am a good writer

Even when I don’t feel it
These are the truth.



  1. Love it, beautifully written expressing the power of words, with such transparency. You captured the emotional negative side effects. Then reversed and released Words of Positivity.

    Words of Positivity springing up, like a Fountain of Life.
    Death and Life are in the Words you speak, for they are the words you give Birth to what you believe about yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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