For my EX

Ohh Girl !

I saw you walking on my road streets again.

You look so happy , from the day I have leave you

Time changes but past don’t

But when you saw me, you got surprised

Every teardrop falls counts on that day

I don’t know why I run away

I made you cry, when I run away

You could have asked why Did I leave you

You could have asked me why did I broke your heart ?

I know I have made you fall apart

You addresses me but, I was not there

But you never find out I was on my way

Made you think that I will always be there

But save you tears for another day

Just pretending to be back for good old days

I have said you things that I never should say

Seeing you dance again in the club that day

I don’t know why ? I run away

Made me thoughts of that stargazing night

I broked your heart cause someone was alredy there

Feeling of my heart feel not that way

Now, Can you please love me for second time ?

Save my tears for another day


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