Home 🏡⛰️

Home is where I wake up to the aroma of the best coffee my parents brew everyday.

Home is sitting down together for coffee at my parents’ garden overlooking the forest and sharing thoughts about life.

Home is when everyone dresses up for Halloween and puts on their best costumes ever.

Home is where you have an unlimited supply of clean drinking water. I realized this thought when I came to Delhi

Home is where my big family shares a sumptuous meal every day. My parents are both good cooks and their children are excellent in eating. Out here, I have to survive so I eventually learned to cook.

Home is where I can simply shout at my neighbor’s backyard to call her for a cigarette break. By the way, the neighbor is my aunt.

Home is receiving a random call from my cousins inviting me for a couple of beers because they just want to talk… and throw in some life dramas in between. I’m my family’s shock absorber because I always look at everything in a positive way. Plus, I don’t judge so my cousins trust me with their lives.

Home is playing with my nephews and nieces.. and wrapping their gifts for Christmas. I find joy in shopping for gifts for the holidays!

Home is sharing a joint with my siblings – talking about life, with no judgments, giving and seeking advices. When we reached adulthood, we developed a stronger and deeper relationship with each other when in fact, we fought a lot when we were teenagers. How surprising things can turn out with family.

Home is walking around the house with my underwear and my brothers won’t say a thing.

Home is dancing to random music with my sister. We just want to let go of things sometimes. We do random shouting and crying too.

Home is a warm hug from my mother, any time of the day. It’s reachable. It’s something that’s unlimited and free.

Home is sleeping on my comfortable prince bed. I’ve had the same bed ever since I was five years old.

Home is driving your friends home when they are too drunk to care.

Home is walking five minutes to the forest, jumping in the falls and spending the whole afternoon with my friends.

I could go on and fill this article with 10,000 other things about home…

It’s not a place. It’s a feeling. When you are out there, you will not have the same things I mentioned above but it will make you appreciate what you have. The idea is a luxury. Even more luxurious than traveling the world.

I don’t regret anything but I wish, when I was younger, I should’ve not rushed to grow up and cherished every moment at home.



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