Hey !

Beginning on the top , I feel like this , Calling a jack that’s a chick.. So that’s my mind nowdays.

She’s on my check list, until I fill her track list.. Every morning when I go to my college , I crossed a metro station and there’s always a girl that used to cross my street path . She used to cross down that street road and awaits from an hour, She always used to carry her head phones and keep on crooning while on the street roads and keep on making her foot – jumps. Her eyes go flash. Looking at her sideways, I feel that feelin’ that feels to loose my grip, until I’m stuck by her. She is a music lover and Bandana hit hard girl. That’s the only thing I ‘m aware of ! but I’m not trying to loose it , and also I love to listen Music and specially English track. So, On Comin’ Monday I will be telling her that I’m following you from a week and the only thing which I want is to put my random hand on your shoulder awkwardly and put my mic to your headphones and just start playing a song that is

S.U.N.F.L.O.W.E.R. and asked her after that

Hey ?

and smileways in the cross paths of metro station and afterwards I’m gonna see what reaction she will be having but as a music taste I feel, she will definately like that song and my ” Heyy ” to !

Well this song turns a year Older yesterday !

Smile 🙂


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