I am feeling a feeling,
So sweet and loving,
One i can’t stop,
Asking for,
I love this,
Feeling so much,
One that u know that,
Your really for,
One you been waiting for,
You even been looking for,
This feeling is love,
Love from the one u care about,
One that u fall in love with,
You have everything,
Love is you and him,
Love is true with that one.
You know that he ain’t going to leave,
He’s all about you,
He don’t want anyone else,
He’s yours,
That’s love.


  1. Wow I would like to congratulate you when you reach 1K!! But the comment area is close 😦 I am soo busy too, and I am trying to catch up with my blogger friends 🙂 I hope you are doing well. I am glad you are getting so much love. 🙂


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