So, As I’ve seen we do mistakes but it happens for a reason. I have learned we all always try to be right and even our elders and mentors teaches us that we should not make a mistake cause it’s not something not to be done but I feel like and I believe that we learned every single thing from our mistakes.

Unless we don’t do any mistake we are not learning anything. Life is all about failures and people who do mistakes always keep one thing in mind that next time he should not do this again.. That’s call learning and we all know learning never ends .

It teaches how can we walk on the same page that follows the right path, unless we commend any rights or wrong. We should be totally agree and fine with anyone who first time do mistakes cause that’s his learning period and learning is always important in anything we do in our life.



  1. Mistakes are necessary for people’s learning. We all do them but we also should understand that others are not perfect too and they all do mistakes as well. ❀️

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