Sorry to tell you all !

I used to be jolly everytime,

What a life it was! (Just a 10 days back) to come back home see kids laughing, playing, gossips with your loved ones, having a night walk with your Best friends, every weekend go on the top of mountains and feel the beautiful nature even moon looks so close while we are top on the hills, and to be Home with my family.

But now I’m also suffering from Depression. I’m feeling low all time

My College life of engineering in Computer field is also getting ended in this coming June.

Even Avengers is also ending up this time .

I have left my beautiful city Dehradun which is always covered with Love, kindness, Mountains and Nature love.

I missed my family, friend and everyone whosever I connected in these 21 years of life.

Now I’ve moved up to Delhi in which I’ve been working up in IT field that’s also called Job phase of my life.

I’m lost frankly telling, I’m always getting emotional everyday I wake up early and get late in night that is my job schedule. I can’t watch my TV shows, muvies, my roads which is all covered with greenery, Shops of happiness.. every single thing

I can’t communicate new people now I’m kind to them but they are not. Every night my pillow is all covered with tears but I always think that I’m here cause I’ve to and for my family.. I can’t even Blog up things, No ideas..

Just reading your stuff guys that’s make me smile a day .

I’m taking a break!

I hope I will recover and will be back

Just a thanks to everyone of you here to be with me for a year and I hope when I will be back we will count more.



  1. Hey! It is okay to not be fine. It is just another phase of your life and you have to face it no matter what. Time works wonders and you will surely get over your depression. Things might not be going the way you want them to, but never lose hope. We are always here for you. Keep happy and healthy. Stay strong.
    Live your life to the fullest!
    Awaiting for your comeback!

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  2. Dear Aman, Always believe that humans have the capability to adjust anywhere despite hostile environment. You will win and this lesson in the chapter of your life will make you so much stronger. Lets be grateful for even the worst lessons for it makes us!🙏🏻

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  3. Depression is a very serious thing, nothing to take for granted. Have you consulted a therapist? I suffered from clinical depression years ago and the treatment was more than effective. I never want to revisit that abyss ever again.

    Please take care of yourself. You do not have to continue suffering. I’ll include you in my prayers.

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  4. I understand the feeling when you really feel numb and empty but taking a break will work, I believe. Please take care of yourself and consult a therapist if needed because it’s a serious thing.
    Waiting for your return☺️

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  5. I guess we handle depression differently but there is nothing more amazing than accepting that you are indeed depressed and at this point nothing seems to work out.

    Once in this same spot I discovered the same thing I was running from is the same I needed the most.Just people to talk to even when they din’t have any solutions.Just listening in itself helped.

    I cried all night everyday and dyu know the beauty of that?It washed away the pain..went with it over time.

    I wrote a lot also

    1-what if we listened
    2-the formation of a masterpiece
    3-Burn it out
    4-From one scarred hand to the other

    The last one helped me let go of the pain…An actual conversation with God.I saw my life and who I really was…that I wasn’t the best to the world but could be the best to me.That my situation was just here for a while to strengthen me and not break me…So I told myself to make the best out of my depression…

    Do you know what happened?I learnt to love me even when I was or am without…

    You too shall pass through this…God guide and bless you.

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  6. Sorry to hear that Aman. Have been there, and I know that there’s nothing anyone can say which will make this feeling go away. But I want you to know that it will go away eventually. No matter how dark times seem there’s always hope. And I’m saying this from my personal experience!
    It always feels good to talk to someone. So I hope you do that! Take care😊

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    1. You’re absolutely right but the place where I live there are no jobs of the profile which I belong and this is my first time to be alone without my family..I’m adjusting it and feeling better now.. thanks a lot for having a look 🌸

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