Happiness is love

Love is a subset of happiness. A subcategory, if you will.We love ourselves and other people because it makes us happy. Isn’t it ?

We don’t try to make someone happy because it makes us feel loved. It’s doesn’t make any sense.Meaning, you can be happy without love. But you can’t be happy without happiness.

Pretty weird. Yet, it’s true.

Love warms the heart 🙂 Giving gratitude gives you hope, because you get what you give and it fills your heart with love.

Being loved gives you courage because it assures you that you have someone to depend upon and lay back on. Also, giving love opens your heart to new opportunities.Your heart is where you make friendships and feel happiness, by giving love, and being loved tremendously your heart .



  1. Hello my lovely cheeks, i loved the way you were talking about love, only with open and loving heart, magic can happen❤️

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      1. I’m finishing my last year of university, i will hold my diploma in about3month, in free time i’m also working at the hotel reception, but is busy in summer only, i also run early morning, i go to yoga class, i do meditation when i have time and also i like to work out, but now i got bronchitis and i have to stay in the bed🌸🙏❤️Feeling already better wih antibiotics, i’m huge extravert i could talk all day😀, i like meeting my family very often and friends and people who i know i cant count on, but we still can laught together without expecting each other help in trouble🌸🤗😄🌺whay else, i like to go to manga Fan days, every year its happening in different country and also depend the manga it is si many😄😂, i like to watch movies, but not the tv, i hate songs about drinking, cheating and what makes no sense, those days i’m spending a lot of time on my blog, but i like what i have done, the results makes me feel good, in general i’m kind and nice person, but sometimes i can lose myself and say things, what i know i will regret in 3minutes, pretty much info😀🤗❤️How about you?☀️🍒

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      2. Long stuff! Yaa I know few things about you.. today I’m happy to know you more..I’m also finishing my last year of University.. I will be post graduate in Computer Science after 3 months. I’m placed just waiting for the joining letter. Currently I’m doing freelancing, Blogging, Helping and seeing nature and yes 🌟 that’s my favorite part of magical nights.. I know you do mediation,yoga and manga I’m also into it but not yoga.. I love Hollywood muvies, songs but not nowdays drugs, alcohol,sex songs of earlier time that was great. I’m very emotional and kind heart person.. That’s a short one ❤️🤗🌸✨🍡

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      3. Good to know you more, you looked liked a great sould before i even knew more about you🌸☀️Why did you started blogging?🙏❤️🌷🌺

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      4. I always wants to write my thoughts.. I’m watching a tv series from childhood Vampire Diaries so whatsoever happens in 24hours of life they write down in a diary and I also feel to write down.. I do have friend but at least I want to share my thoughts and pen it down in my diary I’m collector of moment and memories.. So I always wants to do all these. So my Friend told me to do Blogging and get around with the stuff.. before I write something on WordPress I write down first in diary.. that’s it.. Whenever something touching comes in muvie, tv, live, surrounding I don’t know my heart melt and I feel emotional.. But ya I also loves to remind the storytelling 🍡✨🌸🤗❤️

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      5. This is great ideas, I’m not sure if i know about the series of Vampire Diaries, but i feel like have heard the name🌈🤗

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      6. If gotta time do have a watchout! You definitely will loved it🌸❤️ And yes importantly I remember things from Bali to banana juice to red cheeks after roaring tigers to loves of cats🤗🌸✨

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      7. 😁I’m glad you do😁I’m always happy to stop by your blog and to talk with you are the light person, some people are very heavy to get along with, wait, i noticed i didn’t read few of your post, going❤️

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