About Hate?

Ignorance is bliss. I believe that once you truly master the art of reading human beings, so much so that you could put yourself in their place, know their motivations and why they are how they are, you’ll discover that everyone is flawed and if their true self is bared, “hate worthy”. Hate makes us avoid things, but you could not avoid the whole word. You learn to deal with them, which is easier if you truly understand them.

You cannot hate a tiger for killing a deer, because you are aware of it’s nature and understand it. If you understood the nature of a murderer, you wouldn’t hate one, may call them sick or broken, but not hate.

Hate is a very strong negative emotion, it will hurt you more than the person you hate, so you are lucky that you don’t hate anyone. Hate and fear are natural emotions( even chemical reactions) meant to help us be more cautious of the unknown. They are of no use to the enlightened.

You should start believing that everyone hates you as well or start believing that everyone loves you.
You are in this world to support someone as your father is here to support you. You can’t live alone and if by hating you mean finding out a flaw in someone then you should start believing that no one is perfect.

Spreading love is good for you and good for everyone. Hatred does not help anyone. It can though damage many relationships. So it is all good that you do not hate anyone. Celebrate that fact. Spread love.



  1. Hello there, i think hate and jealousy goes as a team, you hate someone because you are jealous of something, jealousy is like incurable infection, it is still a chance to heal, if the ill one is ready for a change❤️

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    1. Hi there:) I hope you are doing great.. Hate and jealousy as a team you’re right! We hate someone cause we are jealous about that … thats our state of mind… It’s like healing definitely for a change! Hope👍✨🌸🤗

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