The Sunshine Award

Firstfall I’m very happy that I got chance to be awarded for this. I’ve been nominated by my dear friend Ilona.. She is an amazing Blogger. Do check out her Blogs

Questions :-

1.Tell us three things about the place and country where you live now.

I live in India, in the city of Dehradun, we have many beautiful places to visits something magical about this place, people here are very helpful and kind as well, This city is all covered with mountains and love.🌸❀️

2.Can you name a teacher you remember for their influence or words of wisdom?

Yes, i still remember this wonderful lady, She was my computer teacher from my childhood. Her way of teaching was something different from others and she always give my the strength for a better life.. I’ve been in touch with her till now

3.Have you been to a school reunion, if so were you glad you went?

Yes, I did, but only 1 came up, and he was my best friend. We started school together and ended on the same note. 17 years of friendship and counting more but it was so good to talk with him, to remember all the times we passed together.πŸ€—

4.If money or rarity were not problems, what would you like for your next birthday present?

I generally don’t celebrate my birthday but if someone ask for party I do give but not on the occasion when I was born because on my B-day I’ve lost someone whom never I wants to so I hardly it comes and nothing i can do, i guess the best present will be calling each and every whosoever I’ve connected in my entire life just for a day and dance to the end with the smiling emotions for life

5.If you were stranded on a desert island with nothing and let’s face it, if you were shipwrecked you are not likely to have your favourite books etc. Would you rather have any person with you or be alone?

Be alone🌸

6.If you were offered a part as an extra in a film, what would you like to be?

Kathryn friend

7.If reincarnation is true, who or what would you be next time?

I want to be me.

8. What is your favourite mode of transport?

Walking.. Street walks are better than bike rides and perfect in night πŸ€—

9.City, suburbs or rural retreat?

City πŸ€—

10.What is your idea of a dream night out?

Just me and I, sitting on the rooftop and starring the stars for that beautiful lights for an endless night✨

11. When you are buying birthday cards do you choose flowery or funny ?

It’s always depends for who i’m buying it, I will choose flowery 🌸

I would like to keep the same questions, really like themπŸ€—

My nominations :-

I don’t want to nominate any individual or just 10 candidates. I just want to nominate everyone whosever is connected with me here πŸ™‚


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