A Minting Girl

I just met her outside the gaylord shop ?


In Night,

I was all alone

with my street walks (In my dreams)


I just stook up by the memories

of that Vanilla creams

She reminded me, The vapours of pub


I showered her, The flavors of club

We met, We talk

It was epic,

And the sun came up, and the pubs

set in.

She shared a mint with me


her friends played the guitar
Said it was one of my friend’s songs,

do you want to drink on?
Chatted some more, one more drink

And Suddenly

I was

holding her hand and She was

holding mine, In the middle of the


I looked in her shining eyes

They were so Bright,

Even in the Dark night

She was

looking like a Sun light

As we

fill up our lungs with the cold

air of that night.

As my Heartbeats were fast

So I feel like

“The Mint will calm my Heart”



© Aman kumar 2018

All Rights Reserved


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