Sometimes “Lost We”

As far as the life goes on We get tormented in many dreams and fortunes.

We get lost in many uncertain things and then get back in ourself. Every aspect is claiming and is covering the very true value of the way we are.

True dislikes is the only hating for the sense that people make nowdays, handling many uncertain things and thoughts is quite high nowdays, getting lost in every realm is magic ,shadows high or the demons inside is burried inside the lost of us.

Someone truly said this point, backway when we were kid is the only way to get the back of the way we were suppose to or our happiness that is enchanted some times before in our life

Still we are growing up and forgetting that past.The back way of our parents help, Happy reasons of those friends and those pillow fights with our crazy cousins, time is moving on but our feelings for these reasons should never be lost.

Right is always wrong nowdays and if we consider left it makes always false choice. Just as the journey has started out and the time is moving on

Our reasons for every thing should remain constant and in a positive manner. Stay high and be thankfull for the reasons of happiness.


© Aman Kumar 2018

All Rights Reserved



  1. Hate in todays world is developing like huge infection, i wish we had more love instead of hate🌸❤️Loving the picture🙏🤗

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