Trekking ( Short Trip from Chairman)


Life is just a short period of time and in these short period we have to cover every distant places, Trekking is not climbing or being adventurous it’s the way you define your surroundings with these beautiful musing of this nature


So May was something different and magical as our college classes was getting over and these classes was so tough just because this year our classes was taken by our Chairman Dr.kamal Ghansala because I was a student of Computers from Dehradun and studying in Graphic Era University we have to face a troubleshoot of half a year somehow we survived but it’s also a privilege to meet him and see him everyday,

Classes Over (yeyyyyyy)

So as our classes was just about to get over he promised us that the students will be having a short trip to Mussorie and we were like one of the best things happens in these six months

So here’s Mussorie trek call 🙂

We all classmates just gathered up here including our faculties and we all were about to start our journey but before that there was a group photo that will be remembered for a long time. Afterwards we just started our journey. As we all were having Drinks, Snacks, refreshment in our bagpack that will be surviving us from dehydration in the middle of time.

So we all then started our trek, but the the best view comes from heights only, So thanks to the game shows of Drone that’s tooks out these pictures amazing and memorable.So the trek which have to cover was exactly of 2 hours and in the middle of time we were taking pics, eating, dancing thanks to the JBL and much more things that’s make these happenings.

But after some point of time we stopped at a checkpint to relax our body and my friend was also tired so we both stopped there and relax for some time but later on we reliase that we were left far far behind and my friend was scared but this was the only time we can feel the nature wound and musings. And we all know very well about this ‘Dehradun Monsoon’ and sudddenly clouds take place and I got this photo🖕to witness this dark world. one of the best way to say thanks to these dark clouds and the winds that was touching and blowing my face so fast couldn’t even explain you the feelin’ but thanks for my friend who took these photo.

So, in return I also clicked one……And later on we just run up so fast and find our squad that was running high on these mountains and finally we find them.

We did all fun in the ground as we reach on the top and later on when we are comin back ….I got this one to caught up in my camera and our legs and battery was all dead that day. As soon as I reach home afterwards just took a shower and fall sleep.


If, you wanted to know more about my happenings in these journey and what’s going in my life you can ping me here. Instagram :-



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  1. I couldn’t find you on the picture, but i hope you are enjoying you journey so far, your camera takes great pictures, but i think is more important, that photographer does with it🤗also i’m glad, that after long claiming you finally found the beautiful mountains🤗

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