🌟 Stars || look up

After this morning

For today’s Night

This may be the dreams

that might let me know

all the stars are closer

and if they are really closer


“I love to spend that time

on the roof top of my house

when everyone falls sleep

and just starring that

sparkling lights

I really like the

kind of people

that get excited

Over the Stars at Night…..

Actually they have time

to stay away from night calls

and look up something

which is sparkling some

lights in this sky .

Thanks 🙂


© All Rights Reserved

Aman Kumar



  1. Lovely. I like looking at stars. I write poems about them too and other things I see in the sky. I wrote one about the comet which is called ‘2061’. It’s on my blog. It’s the first poem I had published. I’m still very proud of it.

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  2. Very beautiful poem, i wish i could claim on the roof and to watch the stars, i don’t have this possibility, but your poem inspired me to enjoyed the starts❤️

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    1. Stars✨🌸I love them I’m counting them always from my childhood but than I got to know they are infinity.. but It always make me happy to have a look at night.. just alone and 🌟 starring them


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