MARVEL(Excitement and Sadness)

What a feelin’ it is!!

When your favourite Superhero movie is comin which has given you real happiness and love from your childhood till now ‘Even my mom is quite Excited For this one’

But the problem is what will be the consequences??

1. Is our favourite characters will die?

2. If possible will you please retain them?

Excitement 🙂

Let’s start from the starting, In school time my friend circle just gather up, Actually we were not much in studies,Whenever we got time including classes from morning and our full discussions went till afternoon, What a days they were, and still in my college life we are running high with these talks with all the amazing characters.

1. Thankyou every people of these Marvel Universe which made our life full of Majestic Minds and making our life Amazing

2 . An adventure of a lifetime through which we have learned many things

3 . Those tough lessons of physics are connected and handled by Ironman Technologies

4 . Thankyou Captain for giving us motivation to study and fight well as a Brave Soldier

5 . And Every aspect that is covering the Marvel Cinematic Universe

“I always thought this superhero comics should come up and reflect there powers in movies and Yes Marvel you did it right.

Sadness 😦

A journey of 10 years which started in 2008 with the character of Iron man which was the real man who lead up Marvel so up!!

1. When DC was rocking with Dark Knight ?

2. When X-Men was in Demand?

3. When Spiderman was presented by Sony but the real Co-Creator Of Spiderman is Stan lee only!!

  • Now it will put a smile in your face but at the same time those tears, by loosing or death of our favorite Character.
  • This time the Entire Universe will be collided, Just eagerly waiting for the Avengers because they can stop the universe from destroying buy gathering up together!!

“A soul consist of many body that’s what a team Is !”

Thanks 🙂


© All Rights Reserved

Aman Kumar



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