Why we Travel ? Why it is important?

  • To get out of our Comfort Zone
  • It puts life in a perspective
  • To discover World
  • Places you never Imagined
  • Travel happiness is infectious
  • For the sake of your Soul
  • Value nature
  • I travelled sometimes before to this 🙂 CHOPTA

Travelled to Chopta

This is a place called chopta or you can called it Tugnath trek. It’s trek which is located at a height of about 4000 metres(13000ft) above sea level. This place is more than a paradise. A natural beauty in which every one wants to get loose.

Trek To Chandrashila

This is the trek to Chandrashila temple. One of the past memories of lords which keeps our past in present.

I was with my friends and it was the most amazing Feelin’ I ever have. While seeing various adventure, Getting lost in Nature loopholes and most Amazing people of Village area which always help the people and tell the culture about all these. A time reflections of life just put your head down and get lost in these coverings .

On the top of heights

This is me, At this moment I was just thinking that there is a life in this life we go through by every damn things and afterall if there is peace than it is surely found in the heart of these mountains.Every wind blow touches your face feels like you are in something different asethology.A state of mind begins to feels the happiness that is deeply somewhere lost .

That’s the only reason, I travelled and will be traveling for distant places.

Thanks 🙂


© Aman Kumar

All Rights Reserved



  1. Looks like you had a great trips, and yes to get out of the comfort zone is really important, other wise we can never feel a life❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re exactly right! Travel makes you do!! That’s why I commented first time on your Bali Blog.. I started from here this was my first post to share out 🌸🌸✨🤗


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